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Courtney + Babes - White Clay
Courtney + Babes - White Clay

Courtney + Babes - White Clay

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About 'Courtney + Babes - White Clay'

White clay face mask - soothe + protect - for sensitive skin. Our French white kaolin clay + lavender flower calms, heals and softens the skin, while elderflower improves skin tone. Marshmallow root's anti-inflammatory properties nourish + soothe inflamed skin.

Mix one teaspoon with a small amount of water to create a paste, apply to skin and rinse when mask has dried. Follow with a few drops of Nectar our hydrating facial oil or your favourite serum. Use weekly.

Ingredients: French white kaolin clay, lavender flower powder, elderflower powder, marshmallow root powder.

Content: 100g

Made in Australia